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Spring 2015

Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar (EGGS) Lecture Series

Spring 2015

Seminars are on Thursdays at 12:30-1:30 in Guyot Hall Room 220 unless otherwise noted.  Please bring your own lunch, yet cookies and drinks will be provided.

January 29         

Cristian Gudasz, Princeton Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, "Boreal lake sediments as sources and sinks of carbon"  abstract

February 5

David Johnston, Harvard University, "Calibrating geological S isotope records" abstract

February 12

Rene Boiteau, MIT, "A Mass Spectral Window Into Marine Iron Speciation" abstract

February 19

Robert Ferl, University of Florida, "Space Biology: an exploration perspective on the adaptation of Earth life to extraterrestrial environments" abstract

February 26

Bill Orsi, University of Maryland, "Nucleic acid insights into present and past microbial activities in marine sediment" abstract

March 5


Bärbel Hönisch, LDEO, "Challenges and opportunities to decipher the geological
record of ocean acidification" abstract

March 12 Xiaotong Peng, Sanya Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, "Deep-sea Science and Technology Progresses at Sanya Institute of Deep-sea Sceince and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences"

March 19

Spring Break

March 26 Robert Weisberg, University of South Florida, "Ecology is not just biology: three west Florida shelf vignettes" abstract

April 2

Emmanuel Boss, University of Maine, "New insights into the workings of the ocean obtained using optical sensors on autonomous floats" abstract

April 9

Mitch Sogin, Marine Biology Laboratory, "Who are we overlooking in microbial diversity surveys and does it really matter?" abstract

April 16 William Balch, Bigelow Laboratory, "Yellowing coastal seas in the Anthropocene"
April 23 Elizabeth Ottesen, University of Georgia, "Metatranscriptomic insights into microbial behavior in the wild" abstract
April 30

Maggie Lau, Princeton University, "Mineral cryosols in the High Arctic consume methane from the atmosphere"

May 8

Friday 12N
Room 155

Joe Berry, Carnegie Institution of Washington, "Satellite Measurements of Chlorophyll Fluorescence: Can we use it to improve GPP simulations in Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Models?" abstract

May 14

Elsie Sunderland, Harvard University, "A geochemical perspective on methylmercury exposures and health risks" abstract

May 21 Xuefeng (Nick) Peng, "Two Slices of Nitrogen Cycling in Marine Environments with Strong Redox Gradients" abstract