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Fall 2010

Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar (EGGS) Lecture Series

 September 23 Whitey Hagadorn, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, "Death of a Megapredator"
September 30 Meytal Budin Higgins, Princeton University,
"Nitrogen isotopes of chlorophyll biomarkers: New implications for the production and preservation of sedimentary organic matter"

October 7

Russell Vreeland, West Chester University
"Microbial Evolution from the Silurian to the present"

October 14

Satish Myneni, Princeton University
"Halogenation Reactions and their Role in Halogen Cycle"

October 21

Meredith Hastings, Brown University, "Evaluating Anthropogenic Impacts to the Nitrogen Cycle Based on the Isotopes of Nitrate"

October 28

Sidney Hemming, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, "Toward a paleo-hydological record of the last glacial cycle at Mono Lake, CA"
November 4  No Seminar, Fall Recess


November 11

Sonja Keel, Princeton University, "Effects of CO2 enrichment on forest productivity in a global land model"
November 18

Anand Gnanadesikan, Princeton University
"Size structure in ecosystem models"

November 25  No Seminar Thanksgiving
December 2 Ben Passey, Johns Hopkins University
"Soil carbonate 'clumped-isotope' thermometry and application to environments of human evolution"

December 9 Sarah Fawcett, Princeton University, "N isotope evidence for eukaryotic phytoplankton control of the Sargasso Sea's biological pump"
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