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Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar (EGGS) Lecture Series

Fall 2012

September 20    

Jorge Sarmiento, Princeton University (AOS) , "A proposal for a Southern Ocean Biogeochemical observational and modeling program" (Abstract)                                                                 

September 27 Yeala Shaked, Hebrew University, "Reactive oxygen species in corals" (Abstract)

October 4

Daniel E. Giammar, Washington University, "Coupling of redox cycles of uranium and manganese in subsurface environments" 
October 11  
October 18  
October 25  
November 1 Break Week
November 8  
November 15 Yige Zhang, Yale University, "Organic proxy based temperature reconstructions of the Pacific warm pool and cold tongue since late Miocene (~12 Ma): Implications for ancient El Niño" (Abstract)
November 22 Thanksgiving
November 29 Jay T. Cullen, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, "The distribution of some soft metals of biological and paleoceanographic importance in the eastern Pacific Ocean" (Abstract)
December 6 Dirk Erler, Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry Research, Southern Cross University, “Coastal groundwater geochemistry in the Pacific”
December 13  

*Seminars are on Thursdays at 12:30-1:30 in Guyot Hall Room 220 unless otherwise noted** NOTE: Please bring your own lunch.  Cookies/Drinks will be provided.