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Spring 2014

February 6

Annmarie Carlton, Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University "Anthropogenic Aerosol Water: Rediscovering the Importance of Atmospheric Multiphase Chemistry" (Abstract)

February 13


Allison Smith, AOS, Princeton University, "Insights on processes controlling particleflux to the deep ocean from a microbial remineralization model"

February 20

Andrew Rees, Plymouth University, "Acidification of the Marine Nitrogen Cycle" (Abstract)

February 27

Kevin Anchukaitis, WHOI, 'Pan-Pacific Drought Variability during the Last Millennium'

March 6

Max Haggblom, Rutgers University, "Anaerobic Bacteria with the Unusual Appetite for MTBE" Abstract

March 13

Kim Popendorf, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, "Microbial phosphorus dynamics: uptake, allocation, and phospholipid turnover rates" (Abstract)

March 20

Break Week
March 27 Mak Saito, WHOI, "Development of Proteomic Biomarkers for Oceanic Biogeochemical and Metalloenzyme Studies" Abstract
April 3

Adam Kustka, Rutgers University


April 10 Ed Boyle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Lead and Lead Isotopes in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans"
April 17

Carolyn Buchwald, WHOI, "Nitrogen cycling in the primary and secondary nitrite maxima of the Costa Rica Upwelling Dome," (Abstract)

April 21

Anne Cohen, WHOI, “The role of large scale climate modes in the growth of Caribbean corals”
April 24

Andrew Babbin, Princeton University, "Resolving the controversy over anammox and denitrification" (Abstract)

May 1

Kay Bidle, Rutgers University, "Lubrication of algal host–virus interactions and biogeochemical fluxes by a co-evolutionary lipid-based arms race at sea"

May 8

Joe Salisbury, University of New Hampshire, "Factors contributing to variability in pCO2 and calcite mineral saturation state in the coastal Gulf of Maine" (Abstract)

May 15 Heather Ford, LDEO, "The Mid-Pliocene Warm Period: El Padre and the Thermocline" (Abstract)
May 22 Nathan Yee, Rutgers University, "On the Evolution of Selenium Respiring Bacteria" (Abstract)
May 29 Rachael Morgan-Kiss, Miami University, "Diversity and trophic versatility of microbial eukaryotes residing in chemically stratified, permanently ice-covered Antarctic lakes."
June 5 Sebastian Kopf, Caltech, "From lakes to lungs: Assessing microbial activity in diverse environments" (Abstract)