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Department Lecture Series

Spring 2018

Geosciences/PEI Faculty Seminar Series

February 6
PEI Seminar                                            

Robert Socolow, Princeton University - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,  and Senior Research Scholar in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, “Truths We Must Tell Ourselves to Manage Climate Change”


February 13              

Yohai Kaspi, GFDL, "Juno at Jupiter: the first year" (abstract)


February 20

Bridget Bergquist, University of Toronto, "Modern to ancient applications of Hg isotopes"

February 27

Gabi Laske, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, "ADDOSS: Autonomously Deployable Deep-ocean Seismic System - Communications Gateway for Ocean Observatories"
March 6
PEI Seminar
Emmanuel Kreike, Princeton University - History, “Envirocide: War, Society and Environment”
March 13
Sonia Seneviratne, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science

March 27 W. Jason Morgan, Harvard University, "Fifty years of Plate Tectonics"


April 3     
PEI Seminar 

Michael Bender, Princeton University - Geosciences
April 10 Michael Stukel, Florida State University
April 17 Clara Chan, University of Delaware
April 24  
May 1
PEI Seminar

Denise Mauzerall, Princeton University - Civil and Environmental Engineering and Public and International Affairs, WWS

May 8 Bryan Black, University of Texas, Austin, "Fisheries, forests, and five centuries of Pacific decadal climate variability"

Seminars are in Guyot 10 at 12:30 on Tuesdays unless otherwise noted.  Seminars sponsored by PEI are noted.