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Lecture Series

Spring 2015

February 3


Daniel Lathrop, University of Maryland, "Liquid Sodium Models of the Earth's Core" (Abstract)

February 10                           

Peter Kelemen, Columbia University, "Reactive fluid transport in the earth, with applications to engineered subsurface processes" Host: Rubin

February 17 Conel Alexander, Carnegie Institution, Washington DC, "Marauding giant planets, meteorites and the origin of the Earth’s volatiles.”
February 24 TBD

March 3

Jay Melosh, Purdue University, "Probing behind the Man in the Moon: Early results from NASA’s GRAIL mission," (Abstract) Host: Simons

March 10

Nicolas Rudolph Thibault, University of Copenhagen, "A synthetic chronostratigraphical scheme for the Maastrichtian stage: implications for climate change and environmental perturbations preceding the K-Pg boundary," Host: Keller 

March 24 Lidunka Vocadlo, UCL, "The Earth’s core - not just a homogeneous ball of pure iron.”

March 31

Timothy Grove, MIT, Host: Schoene
April 7

Lowell Miyagi, The University of Utah,  "Anisotropy at the core mantle boundary: A marker for geodynamic processes," Host: Duffy

April 14 Alexandra Navrotsky, University of CA, Davis
April 21

Greg Fournier, MIT, "A time-calibrated tree of Archaea constrains planetary biogeochemical history," Host: Onstott

May 1
Friday - 12N

Paul Hoffman, Harvard University Host: Maloof/Higgins, "Dates and dynamics: snowball Earth comes of age."

May 5 Katherine Freeman, Penn State