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Geo/PEI Faculty Seminar Series

Spring 2019

February 5
PEI Seminar

David Wilcove, Princeton University Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs and the Princeton Environmental Institute

February 12

Sasha Turchyn, University of Cambridge, Cambridge Cener for Climate Sciences

February 19

February 26

March 5
PEI Seminar

James Smith, Princeton University Civil & Environmental Engineering

March 12

March 19

Spring Break

March 26

Katharine Huntington, University of Washington

April 2
PEI Seminar

Bess Ward, Princeton University Geosciences & Princeton Environmental Institute

April 9

April 16

April 23

April 30

May 7
PEI Seminar

Fazal Sheikh, Lewis Center for the Arts & Princeton Environmental Institute

Seminars are in Guyot 10 at 12:30 on Tuesdays unless otherwise noted.  Seminars sponsored by PEI are noted.