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Department Lecture series

Fall 2018

Geosciences/PEI Faculty Seminar Series

September 18                         

Jessica Irving, Princeton University, Geosciences 
"Earth's Core: Certainties, Complexities, Challenges"
Hosts: Thomas Duffy & Alex Burky

September 25
PEI Seminar   

Lars Hedin, Princeton University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"Building the Biosphere: The Hidden Traits That Have Shaped Earth's Land Ecosystems"

October 2
PEI Seminar

Jeff Whetstone, Princeton University, Visual Arts & PEI
"The New Wilderness

October 9

Leigh Stearns, University of Kansas
"How can glacier observations inform climate models?"

Hosts: John Higgins & Yuzhen Yan

October 16

Michael Griffiths, William Patterson University
"Monsoons, Megadroughts, and Migration: Paleo Perspectives from Southeast Asian Cave Records"

Hosts: Daniel Sigman & Emma Kast

October 23

Barbara Sherwood Lollar, University of Toronto
"Lessons from the Deep Earth for the Search of Life in the Solar System and Beyond" (abstract)

Hosts: Xinning Zhang, Rachel Harris & Linhan Shen

October 30 Break Week

November 6
PEI Seminar

Elke Weber, Princeton University, Psychology and Public Affairs and Energy and the Environment
"Modeling Energy and Environmental Behavior"

November 13

John Suppe, University of Houston, "Recent Advances in Tectonics and Tomography"

Host: Allan Rubin

November 20

Evan Smith, GIA,
"Blue diamonds and the recycling of water to the lower mantle"

Hosts: Thomas Duffy & Donghoon Kim

November 27

Ying Zhou, Virginia Tech, "Mid-mantle Convection and the Origin of the Yellowstone Supervolcano"

December 4
PEI Seminar
Eric Wood, Princeton University, Civil & Environmental Engineering

"Water in a Changing Climate: Implications for Water-Resources Design"

Seminars are in Guyot 10 at 12:30 on Tuesdays unless otherwise noted.  Seminars sponsored by PEI are noted.