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Department Lecture Series

Spring 2017

Geosciences/PEI Faculty Seminar Series

February 7
PEI Seminar

Jorge Sarmiento, Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences,
"The Outsized Role of the Southern Ocean in the
Regulation of Carbon, Heat, and Biological Productivity"                                                                                                                                    

February 14                                   

Timothy Creyts, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory,
"Subglacial Hydrology of the Terrestrial Ice Sheets,"
Host: Allan Rubin

February 21

Paul Santi, Colorado School of Mines, "Practical and
Scientific Questions Addressed by Landslide Analysis:
Examples from Colorado and Wyoming," Host: Blair Schoene,

February 28

Sarah Kapnick, GFDL/NOAA, "Why don't we have water?
Towards western U.S. snowpack prediction,"
Host: John Higgins

March 6
Nadir Jeevanjee, AOS, "How will mean rainfall change
with global warming?” Host: Stephan Fueglistaler

March 7
PEI Seminar

Robert Nixon, Princeton Environmental Institute,
"Environmental Martyrdom and Defenders of the Forest"
March 10
Friday-Guyot 220
Mingming Li, University of Colorado, Boulder, "Dynamics of mantle
plumes: understanding the formation of hotspot tracks" Abstract
March 13
Michael Afanasiev, ETH Zurich, "Multi-scale full-waveform imaging,"
Host: Jeroen Tromp
March 14

Philippe Lognonné, Institut de Physique de Globe de Paris,
"Planetary seismology: from Moon Apollo reprocessing
to Mars," (abstract) Host: Jeroen Tromp


March 15

Behrooz Ferdowsi, “A unifying framework for slow and fast dynamics of deformation and transport in Earth systems,” University of Pennsylvania, Host: Allan Rubin

March 27 Ashley Maloney, University of Washington, "Late Holocene hydroclimate in the South Pacific Convergence Zone" Host: Xinning Zhang
March 28 Jess Adkins, Caltech, "Coupling between the carbon and sulfur cycles from measurements of modern rivers and Cenozoic carbonates," Host: Daniel Sigman


April 4
PEI Seminar

Simon Levin, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
"Mathematical Ecology: A Century of Progress, and Challenges
for the Next Century"

April 10


Sara Thomas, Northwestern, "Trace metal speciation and bioavailability: new complexities governing bacterial mercury(II) uptake"
April 11 Carly Howett, Southwest Research Institute, "Exploring
the Pluto System with New Horizons," Host: Frederik Simons
April 18 Whitney Behr, University of Texas at Austin, "Metamorphic
heterogeneity and transient rheology of the deep
subduction interface," Hosts: Allan Rubin & Blair Schoene

May 2
PEI Seminar

Robert Keohane, Woodrow Wilson School
"The Complex Politics of International Climate Policy"
May 9 Miriam Kastner, University of California, San Diego, "Water and Geochemical Mass Balance at Subduction Zone Forearcs” Host: John Higgins

Seminars are in Guyot 10 at 12:30 on Tuesdays unless otherwise noted.  Seminars sponsored by PEI are noted.