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Lecture Series

Fall 2014

September 16

Susan Fiske, Princeton University, Psychology 

September 23

Satish Myneni, Princeton University, Geosciences

September 30 David Medvigy, Princeton University, Geosciences/AOS
October 7 Stephan Fueglistaler, Princeton University, Geosciences/AOS
October 14 Michael Walter, University of Bristol, Host: Duffy (Abstract)
October 21 Wendy Mao, Stanford University, Host: Duffy
November 4 Colleen Dalton, Brown University, Host: Tromp
November 11

Alexandra Navrotsky, University of California, Davis, "Nanoscale effects on thermodynamic stability in minerals and materials," Host: Myneni

November 17 (Monday!)

Beth Orcutt, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, "Buried Alive: Life Beneath the Seafloor," Host: Lau (Abstract)

November 25 TBD
December 2 Roger Summons, MIT, Ooids and oolites: rocks built by bacteria, Host: Onstott
December 9



Upcoming Department Seminars

Spring 2015 - TBD