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Lecture Series

Fall 2012

 September 25        Susan Brantley, Penn State, "The Pennsylvania Critical Zone Experiment: Understanding Water-rock Interactions on Shale"
 October 2 Roberta Rudnick, University of Maryland, "Craton formation and destruction"
 October 9 Don DePaolo, University of California, Berkeley, "Molecular and nanoscale controls on the isotopic and trace element composition of calcite"
 October 16 Gerta Keller, Princeton University, "Volcanism and Impacts: A new perspective on the KT mass extinction"
 October 23 Maureen Raymo, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, "Sea level during past warm events: mid Pliocene and MIS 11"
 October 30 Break Week
 November 6 Kenneth Farley, California Institute of Technology, "Extraordinarily ancient landscapes in the Brazilian jungle: evidence from new techniques in geochronology and surface exposure dating"
 November 13 Daniel Sigman, Princeton University, "The history of nitrogen fixation in the Atlantic Ocean over the last glacial cycle"
 November 20 Thomas Duffy, Princeton University, "High-Pressure Experiments Probing the Interior Conditions of Super-Earths and Giant Planets"
 November 27 Kevin Lewis, Princeton University, "100 days on Mars: Initial Results from the Curiosity Rover Mission"
 December 4  AGU Week  
December 11 Anny Cazenave (LEGOS), France, "Sea level rise: an update"  

*Unless noted, all seminars are held on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in Room 10 Guyot.