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Lecture Series

Fall 2011

September 20     

Shanan Peters, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Phanerozoic Earth system evolution and marine biodiversity," Host: Maloof

September 27

Christian Schoof, University of British Columbia, " How melt water drives ice sheet flow," Host: Rubin

October 4

Michael Manga, University of California, Berkeley, "Hydrological responses to earthquakes" (and why the LUSI mud volcano eruption in Indonesia was not caused by an earthquake). Host: Tromp (Abstract)

October 11

Paul Koch, University of California Santa Cruz,"The Rise and Fall of Elephant Seal Breeding Colonies on Antarctica: Insights from the Fossil Record"  Host: Ward

October 18

Charles Langmuir, Harvard University, "Feedbacks between Volcanism and Glacial Cycles: Emerging Questions" Host: Bender

October 25

James Zachos, University of California Santa Cruz, "New Constraints on the rate and magnitude of ocean acidification during the PETM," Host: Bender

November 1 Break
November 8

David Rowley, University of Chicago, "Kinematic and dynamic evidence for an actively spreading East Pacific Rise: implications for what drives plates," Host: Maloof

November 15

Adam Maloof, Princeton University, "The earliest geological record of animals and ocean geochemical change"

November 22

Maria Zuber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Perspectives on the First Billion Years of Lunar Evolution from Geophysical Observations of Impact Structures," Host: Simons

November 29

Frederik Simons, Princeton University, "Earth's changing mass distribution: Making the most of GRACE"

December 6


December 13

Richard O'Connell, Harvard University,  "Plate tectonics: How well do we understand it?"  Host: Tromp CANCELLED


*Unless noted, all seminars are held on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in Room 10 Guyot.