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Lecture Series

Fall 2013

September 17 Douglas Wiens, Washington University, "Antarctic seismology: Revealing the history and dynamics of an ice-covered continent" Hosts: Simons & Harig
September 24

Meghan Miller, University of Southern Calfornia, "Unraveling the tectonic history of northwest Africa: Insights from shear-wave splitting, receiver functions, and geodynamic modeling," Hosts: Simons & Gharti

October 1

Meredith Nettles, LDEO, Columbia University, "Glacial earthquakes and glacier dynamics in Greenland," Hosts: Tromp & Werner

October 8 Bruce Watson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, "Growth-rate effects on crystal composition: from phenocrysts to climate proxies" Hosts: Schoene & Samperton
October 15 Robin Bell , LDEO, Columbia University, "The Role of Water in the Changing Ice Sheets: Evidence from anticlines, synclines and the rule of Vs," Hosts: Bender & Yau
October 22 Amy Barr Mlinar, Brown University, "Origin of extensional ridge and trough terrain on icy moons," Hosts: Rubin & Lewis
November 5 Timothy Lyons, University of California Riverside, "The Early Rise (and Fall) of Oxygen in the Ocean and Atmosphere," Host: Higgins & Husson
November 12 Michael Bevis, Ohio State University, "Weighing the Greenland Ice Sheet using GPS," Hosts: Simons & Harig
November 19 David Battisti, University of Washington, "Summertime Climate Variability and Climate Change" Hosts: Fueglistaler & Hill
November 26 Donald Eugene Canfield, University of Southern Denmark, “The orbital control of primary production, ocean chemistry, and marine microbial ecology 1.38 billion years ago”
*Unless noted, all seminars are held on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in Room 10 Guyot.