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Lecture Series

Department of Geosciences

Fall 2010

September 21 Adam Burrows, Princeton University, Astrophysical Sciences, "Remote Sensing and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets," Host: Frederik Simons (Abstract)
September 28  Matthew Jackson, Boston University, "A Surviving Piece of the Earliest Earth?" Host: Blair Schoene

October 5

John Tarduno, University of Rochester, "The Paleoarchean geodynamo, solar wind and magnetopause," Host: Adam Maloof (Abstract)
October 12 Peter J. LeB. Williams, University of Wales (Bangor), " Bioidiesel from Micro-algae - Sifting out Potentials from Dreams," Host: Bess Ward (Abstract)

October 19

Mark Simons, Caltech, "News from South America:  Great earthquakes and associated processes," Host: Frederik Simons

October 26

Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Penn State University, Slip Slidin' Away: Glaciers in a Warming World, Host:  Michael Bender

November 9

Magali Billen, University of California Davis, "Rapid Mantle Flow and Rheology in Subduction Zones," Host: Frederik Simons
November 16
4 p.m.
Jess Adkins, Caltech, "The deep ocean's role in Glacial to Interglacial climate change," Host: Daniel Sigman
November 23  Frank Pazzaglia, Lehigh University, "Broadband geodesy and active tectonics, northern Apennines," Italy Host: Lincoln Hollister
November 30  Rick Carlson, CIW, "Signatures of Early Earth Processes in the Modern Earth's Interior," Host: Blair Schoene

December 7

Edouard Bard, College de France, "Solar activity and climate forcing," Host:  Michael Bender