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PUGS Connect

December 1, 2017                

Naomi Levine, University of Southern California

Title: "New insight into ocean carbon cycling by embracing the challenge of scales."


Rachel Zwillinger, Stanford University

Title: "Integrating science, law, and policy -- my path from geosciences to wildlife conservation law." 


March 5, 2018                         

Sarah Brownlee, Wayne State University

Title: "Ice hockey, skydiving, and geology: How indecisiveness and thirst for adventure landed me the dream job I never knew I wanted"


Ryan Truchelut, WeatherTiger

Title: "From the "Weather Guy" to WeatherTiger: Explorations in Scientific Entrepreneurship"

This event is hosted by PUGS at 5 p.m. in Guyot Room 220. Questions contact Hannah Tandy at