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Special Seminar - Departmental Climate and GeoEthics - 02/07/2019 - David Mogk, Montana State University

Responsible conduct of scientists is as important as the responsible conduct of research to maintain the health of the scientific enterprise. This webinar explores the nature of personal interactions and how they impact individuals in academic departments. Principles of professionalism (trust, responsibility, respect, fairness, and justice) will be introduced followed by examples of (un)professional behaviors that impact the "climate" of a department (e.g., microaggressions, implicit bias, bullying, sexual harassment, among others). Suggestions will be made on ways to assess your departmental work climate (e.g., strategies for empowering bystanders; climate surveys), and concrete examples will be provided on how to prevent (or mitigate) threatening situations should they arise. Final reflections on where, and by whom, appropriate professional behaviors should be taught in the Earth Science curriculum will be addressed.

Location: Guyot Hall - Room 220

Date/Time: 02/07/19 at 4:00 pm - 02/07/19 at 5:00 pm

Category: Special Event

Department: Geosciences