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AGI - Geoscience Careers Roadshow - 9/28/2012

The Geoscience Careers Roadshow is designed to help students understand where the jobs are in various geoscience industries, and how they can land the one that is right for them. Come and discuss geoscience workforce trends and job search tips during a 1-hour presentation with professionals from AGI. The presentation will cover traditional and nontraditional occupations for geoscience degree recipients, current salary trends in various geoscience industries, and projections for the future status of the geoscience workforce.  We will also share tips about what geoscience employers are really looking for in new hires and how to be best prepared for entering the geoscience workforce. 

Participants will receive complimentary Geoscience Careers “Toolkits” with helpful information and tips for landing your first job.  Please join in the discussion and talk about your future! We encourage active participation and feedback during this event to tailor the information presented to suit your needs. 

Heather Houlton, Workforce Development, Ed & Outreach
Abigail Seadler, Member Societies Services Manager
Carolyn Wilson, Workforce Data Analyst

Location: Guyot Hall

Date/Time: 09/28/12 at 11:00 am - 09/28/12 at 12:00 pm

Category: Special Event

Department: Geosciences