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Five Controversies in Climate Science: A symposium celebrating the contributions of S. George Philander - 9/6/2012

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In collaboration the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS), this two day Symposium will discuss the role of the ocean in linking climate across time - from the seasonal cycle, to interannual variability, to climate change - and in linking climate across space - from the tropics to the poles and back again. Invited talks will provide background and perspective for panel discussions that take on five controversial climate science questions:
(i) What is the relative importance of the thermohaline and wind-driven components of the oceanic circulation to the Earth's climate?
(ii) Do conditions in polar regions determine conditions in the tropics, or vice versa?
(iii) Is a permanent El Niño that changes the planetary albedo possible?
(iv) What tests can records of recurrent Ice Ages provide for climate models?
(v) Why is global warming so polarizing?

Location: Robertson Hall

Date/Time: 09/06/12 at 08:30 am - 09/07/12 at 4:00 pm

In the Dodds Auditorium, Robertson Hall of the Woodrow Wilson School

Category: Symposium

Department: The Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS)