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Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the War of the Worlds Radio Show - 11/06/2013

SPEAKER/PERFORMER:  David Spergel, Astrophysics; WIlliam Gleason, English; Tullis Onstott, Geosciences; Chris Chyba, Astrophysics; Jeremy Kasdin and Rob Stengel, MAE

EVENT DESCRIPTION:  Come celebrate the 75th anniversary of the famous "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast that many listeners mistook as an actual Martian invasion in nearby Grover's Mill, NJ.  To commemorate the Princeton connection, preeminent Princeton professors from the fields of astrophysics, aerospace engineering, English and geosciences will have a panel discussion followed by a replay of the broadcast and thematic refreshments. You'll hear the radio drama over a period radio.  We ask you to feel free to dress up in 30's professorial or panic-stricken civilian attire, impersonate Orson Welles or portray your favorite Martian.

Location: Peyton Hall Auditorium

Date/Time: 11/06/13 at 7:30 pm - 11/06/13 at 8:30 pm

Category: Special Event

Department: Geosciences