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Chevron Recruiting

Representative Alicia Kahn from the Chevron Corporation welcomes you to attend an Interview Session with her on Friday, September 8th in Room 145, Guyot Hall. The sessions are approx. 45 minutes long. Please bring a copy of your resume.
There is a sign-up sheet in Sheryl Robas' office if you like to reserve a slot.

Chevron Corporation comes every year to the Geosciences Department and is a positive experience for interviewees. 

If you are unable to attend an interview with Chevron, you are welcome to attend the informal lunch which will be at 12:15 PM, the location to be announced.  Lunch is provided by Chevron.

Location: Guyot Hall

Date/Time: 09/08/14 at 9:15 pm - 07/24/14 at 1:00 pm

Category: Special Event

Department: Geosciences