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GeoGrad Reunions

2014 Princeton GEOGrad Reunion

Sept. 4-10, New Mexico


Slideshow of the September 2014 Geosciences Graduate Alumni Reunion in northern New Mexico. (Leaders: Professor Emeritus Lincoln Hollister and Academic Laboratory Manager Laurel Goodell)

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2012 GeoGrad Reunion

The Evolving Geosciences at Princeton

Monday, April 30 – Friday, May 4, 2012

This was Princeton University’s first Graduate School departmental reunion. With the assistance of the Graduate School, a few dedicated graduate alumni organized a week of activities, including a day-long conference that highlighted the Department of Geosciences at Princeton, as well as field trips to both the Appalachians and the Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

GeoGrad Reunion

GeoGrad Reunion

GeoGrad Reunion photo

GeoGrads attendees with family and friends at the Sterling Hill mine. Photo by Frederik Simons.

1. Ray Price *58, 2. Bill Melson *64, 3. Jack Lockwood *66, 4. Allan Smith *63, 5. Eldridge Moores *63, 6. Judy Moores S *63, 7. Don Wise *57, 8. Bubs Coleman S *55, 9. Rich Yuretich *76, 10. Don Scott *58, 11. Judy McCarthy S *64, 12. Bill Poole *56, 13. Manny Bass *56, 14. Les Coleman *55, 15. Marjorie Macqueen S *65, Anika Simons (Frederik Simons' daughter), 17. Sharon Simkin S *66, 18. Ralph Moberly ’50 *56, 19. Alain Plattner *11 (postdoc), 20. Roger Macqueen *65, 21. Lincoln Hollister (emeritus), 22. Dick Chase *63, and 23. Patrica Moberly S ’50 *56.

Panel Discussions

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Download PresentationToday’s Geosciences Department
at Princeton University

MODERATOR: Bess Ward, William J. Sinclair Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University

Tullis Onstott *81, Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University
Allan Rubin, Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University
Adam Maloof, Assistant Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University

GeoGrad Reunion 2012: Today's Geosciences

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Climate and the Environment

MODERATOR: Daniel Sigman,
Dusenbury Professor of Geological and Geophysical Sciences

Susan Brantley, Penn State
Meredith Hastings,
Brown University
Stephan Fueglistaler,
Professor of Geosciences

Geophysics Today

MODERATOR: Jeroen Tromp *92,
Professor of Geosciences, Applied and
Computational Mathematics,
and Blair Professor of Geology

Frederik Simons, Assistant Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University
RIchard Allen *01,
Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California–Berkeley
Karin Sigloch *08,
Assistant Professor of Geophysics, University of Munich

MODERATOR: Blair Schoene,
Assistant Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University

John Shaw *93, Professor and Chair of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University
Lisa Pratt *82,
Professor of Geological Sciences, Indiana University
Christopher Andronicos *99,
Associate Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University