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Academic Policies

2. Graduate Work Committee

The Graduate Work Committee comprises a group of four to five faculty members, broadly representative of the main academic and research areas within the Department. The Chair and other members of this Committee are appointed on a yearly basis by the Department Chair. The Chair of the Graduate Work Committee is the Department Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). The major duties and responsibilities of the Graduate Work Committee are:

  1.   Preliminary screening of departmental graduate applications
  2.   Advising of entering first-year students including selection or approval, as appropriate, of graduate student advisory committees
  3.   Approval of graduate student academic and research programs, general examination arrangements and final oral examination arrangements, as submitted by student advisory committees
  4.   Other duties of a more general nature such as consideration of student housing, financial support, fellowships, and development of policies and procedures.

All recommendations and decisions of the Graduate Work Committee are subject to approval by the faculty of the Department. The Graduate Work Committee is assisted in the running of the Graduate Program by the Graduate Student Committee and by the graduate/undergraduate secretary.