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Academic Policies

19. Rules, Regulations, and Procedures

It is your responsibility to be familiar with and conform to the University rules and regulations concerning the Graduate School and graduate student work contained in the Graduate School Announcement and the main University catalog.  Similarly, you should become familiar with the rules, regulations, and procedures of the Department -- they are not designed to restrict your activities but rather to enable your work to proceed more rapidly and efficiently.

If you have questions about procedures, your main resources beyond this handbook should be consulted in order:  Your advisor, your advisory committee, the DGS and department chair.  If you have questions that cannot be resolved at the level of your advisory committee, do not hesitate to consult with the DGS.  Simple procedural questions can often be resolved by consulting with the Graduate Administrator (Sheryl Robas), but questions of a professional and scientific nature can be taken up with the DGS.   You are also referred to the grievance procedures of the Graduate School.

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