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Academic Policies

6. Thesis Formalities

Two Dissertation Readers are chosen by the student in consultation with the advisory committee.  Two readers of the Ph.D. thesis must be Princeton University faculty members.   One must not be a coauthor of any of the candidate's papers, published, submitted, or planned.  Inclusion of a third, outside, reader is strongly encouraged.  The choice of readers must be approved by the DGS.  Approval is based only on the policy of the Graduate School and the absence of of coauthorship for one Princeton faculty member. 

The dissertation in its final form must be presented to the Readers at least two weeks before the date of the Final Public Oral. At the same time, the dissertation must be made available to the entire faculty by depositing a copy in the Graduate Administrator’s office. The Readers’ reports are presented at a faculty meeting no less than one week later. The faculty votes on the Readers’ reports and may impose requirements for changes that must be made before the dissertation is approved.  If such changes are required, new Readers’ reports, or amendments, will also be required. If the Readers’ reports and the dissertation are accepted by a vote of the faculty, the final oral examination will then be scheduled at least one week later.

A candidate for the Ph.D. degree in the Department of Geosciences is required to submit one copy of their thesis - the original which goes to MUDD Library.

Any additional copies to be given out to the Advisor or Second Reader are up to the student.