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Preston Cosslett Kemeny, a 2015 Princeton graduate, is one of 12 college seniors and first-year graduate students nationwide to be named 2017 Hertz Fellows by the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation.  Kemeny, who majored in geosciences and earned certificates in environmental studies and planets and life, is a graduate student in geochemistry in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences at the California Institute of Technology.
We know a lot about how carbon dioxide (CO2) levels can drive climate change, but how about the way that climate change can cause fluctuations in CO2 levels? New research from an international team of scientists reveals one of the mechanisms by which a colder climate was accompanied by depleted atmospheric CO2 during past ice ages.
Climate-change driven stress to marine ecosystems could extend to over four-fifths of the world’s oceans by 2050 if no mitigating actions are taken, according to research published in Nature Communications.
"Forecast" is a podcast produced by "Nature" editor, Michael White. Featured this month is atmospheric scientist, Prof. Gabe Vecchi, discussing his research modeling of the equatorial Pacific.
A substantial portion of the clouds and precipitation in the Amazon rainforest are generated locally by the forest itself, making it a unique biome capable of self-supporting its ecosystems to some extent. But about 20% of this rainforest has already been cleared which can cause modifications to clouds and precipitation crucial to the forest and the ecosystems dependent on it.
Three projects with the potential for broad impacts in science and technology have been selected to receive support from the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund. The projects include a technology for improving ultrasound's grainy images (Prof. Jeroen Tromp), a system for boosting biofuel production, and a facility for designing and testing new wind power technologies.
It was a long hike over rough terrain to Greenland’s Ilulissat ice fjord. Suryaa Murali, a student participant in that trip last summer, recalls that the expedition, including a climb at high elevation, would have been a challenge for anyone — but 93-year-old Ernest Frederick “Fred” Roots *49 was undaunted. After all, the renowned geologist had made dozens of trips to the Arctic and Antarctic during his career.
The Department of Geosciences and Princeton University congratulates Dr. Kyle M. Samperton on successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis: "Portrait of a Pluton: Magmatic Perspectives from the Mid-Crustal Bergell Intrusion, Central Alps" on Thursday, February 2, 2017.
PUGS, and the Geosciences department, is hosting the Second Annual Theresa’s Trails event to be held on Saturday, April 29 on the Frist Campus Lawn.
Ph.D. Student Yajun Peng received an American Geophysical Union (AGU) Outstanding Student Paper Award for his paper titled "Investigating Complex Slow Slip Evolution with High-Resolution Tremor Catalogs and Numerical Simulations" at their 2016 Fall meeting.