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Graduate Student Jonathan Husson recipient of teaching award

Jon Husson during a Freshmen Seminar field trip to Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus in 2012 where he was a designated assistant instructor.

On May 14, 2013, Dean William Russel of the Princeton Graduate School announced graduate student Jonathan Husson as a recipient of a teaching award for his work as an assistant instructor.  This yearly award honors those graduate students who make a significant contribution to undergraduate teaching and who show outstanding work deserving of recognition.  

This year’s Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni’s (APGA) annual Tribute to Teaching reception will be held at 4:00 pm on Saturday, June 1, at the Icahn Atrium where Husson will receive his award.  Husson and the faculty members who nominated him are formally invited to this event.  There were four other award recipients besides Husson.  At the reception, each of the Teaching Award recipients will be introduced, asked to make a few brief remarks, and be presented with a certificate.  There is also a $1,000 prize with this award. 

The Department of Geosciences sends Husson a hearty congratulation on winning this award, and share with the awards' merits an appreciation for his contributions to teaching at Guyot Hall.

Caption:  In addition to "unofficially" helping with the Freshman Seminar, this academic year Jon served as the Assistant in Instruction for GEO203: Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science and GEO373: Structural Geology.