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Agate: May 2013 Mineral of the Month


Agate from Brazil

Mineral Name: Agate (Quartz variety)
Specimen Number: 190
Record ID: 5793
Locality Nickname: Brazil
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May's mineral of the month is Agate with black center and white border, surrounded by crystalline quartz from BrazilIt is one of the many beautiful specimens donated to the collection by the late Archibald M. MacMartin, class of 1868. According to the Smilodon newsletter: "MacMartin enriched Princeton’s holdings by some 2,500 specimens, representing a range of classic localities throughout Europe and the United States. The excellence of MacMartin’s personal mineral collection was noted in several publications upon his death. The volume of displayed and display-worthy pieces that came from his gift constitutes the strongest evidence for the quality and preparation of these specimens. He died in New York on May 7, 1881, leaving his collection to Princeton."

Source: The Smilodon, 2009, Vol. 50, No. 1, p. 8-9.