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Professor Thomas Duffy elected as a 2013 Fellow of the American Geophysical Union

Professor Thomas Duffy

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) made the announcement that Prof. Thomas Duffy has been elected as a Fellow for 2013.  Prof Duffy was recognized for his contributions to understanding the properties of deep Earth materials and the constitution of Earth.  Prof. Duffy’s research at Princeton focuses on large-scale physical and chemical behavior of the Earth and other planets through experimental study of geological materials under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature.  Specifically, Professor Duffy and his students use laser-heated diamond anvil cells along with optical spectroscopy and x-ray techniques to explore crystal structures, phase relations, elasticity, and deformation behavior within a wide range of materials.

Fellowship in AGU is awarded to scientists who have made exceptional scientific contributions and have attained acknowledged eminence in the Earth and space sciences.  There were 62 member scientists who were elected to this year’s AGU class. They will be honored during the Honors Ceremony at the Fall AGU Meeting on December 11 in San Francisco, CA.

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