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Tiger’s Eye Quartz: September 2013 Mineral of the Month


Tiger's Eye, September Mineral of the Month


Mineral Name: Tiger’s Eye Quartz
Specimen Number: 629
Record ID: 2605
Locality Nickname: Unknown Locality
Description Tiger's eye, polished slice
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September marks the beginning of the new academic year and also this year, the celebration of installation of Princeton’s 20th president.  In choosing the mineral of the month for September 2013, Tiger’s Eye Quartz seemed very appropriate!

Tiger’s Eye (SiO2)  is a member of the quartz group and is also considered a gemstone.  It typically has yellow and brown bands of color that alternate.  The fibers of crocidolite have been replaced by silica, an example of pseudomorphous replacement.  The optical reflectance of Tiger's eye is referred to as chatoyancy or cat's eye effect caused by the fibrous structure.

The locality of this specimen is unknown, however Tiger's Eye is commonly found in South Africa and East Asia, but has also been found in Canada, Brazil and the US.