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GEO/CHM Seniors at PEI's Discovery Day


Prof. Satish Myneni, Claresta Joe-Wong, Ph.D. Student Nyssa Crompton, and Katherine Kirkwood

Prof. Satish Myneni, Senior Claresta Joe-Wong, Ph.D. Student Nyssa Crompton, and Senior Katherine Kirkwood.

Discovery Day is organized as an annual poster show each May for students participating in the Program in Environmental Studies and for students receiving senior thesis field research support from PEI and the Grand Challenges Program. The event provides students with an opportunity to display and discuss their thesis research methodologies and results, to exchange perspectives, and to propose solutions to the world's most pressing environmental challenges. This year's event was hosted on Friday, May 9th, 2014 at the Carl Fields Center. Visit PEI's Discovery Day for more information on the program.

Photos courtesy of Sheryl Robas, GEO Academic Coordinator

GEO/CHM Seniors participants:

Andrea Beale, GEO (Climate)

Advisors: John Higgins and Michael Bender

"Fluid Inclusions in Marine Halite as a Window into the Mg Isotopic Composition of Past Oceans"

Claresta Joe-Wang, GEO (Climate)

Advisors: Satish Myneni

"Halogenation of Organic Matter along Climate and Salinity Gradients"

Katherine Kirkwood, CHM (Climate)
Advisor: Satish Myneni

"Iron Cycling in Natural Systems: An Analysis of the Effects of Climate and Vegetation"

Nathan Serota, GEO (Climate)

Advisor: Jorge Sarmiento

"Carbon Impact of the 1980s Anthropogenic Aerosol Transition"

Alan Southworth, GEO (Climate)

Advisors: David Medvigy and Michael Bender

"Essential Process or Needless Complexity: Are Forest Carbon Budgets Affected by Light-Induced Inhibition of Leaf Respiration?"

Regina Wang, GEO (Climate)
Advisor: David Medvigy
"A Species-specific Approach to Predicting the Timing of Deciduous Leaf Emergence in the United States"


Andrea Beale and Regina Wong

Andrea Beale and Regina Wang stand before Wang's thesis poster.

Alan Southworth

Alan Southworth discusses his thesis with an interested attendee.

Andrea Beale

Andrea Beale and thesis poster.

Claresta Joe-Wong

Claresta Joe-Wong and thesis poster.

Nathan Serota

Nathan Serota and thesis poster.