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Ph.D. Student Yajun Peng receives AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award

Ph.D. Student Yajun Peng received an American Geophysical Union (AGU) Outstanding Student Paper Award for his paper titled "Investigating Complex Slow Slip Evolution with High-Resolution Tremor Catalogs and Numerical Simulations" at their 2016 Fall meeting. Yajun’s advisor, Prof. Allan Rubin, was a coauthor. AGU notes that only 5% of student participants are granted this honor. Recipients are given a certificate, a Winner’s Circle web page and a monetary award. AGU serves as a professional resource for scientists and students around the globe.

Peng’s presentation was placed within the Seismology section of the program. His research has focused on devising new methods for locating tectonic tremor, combined with running numerical simulations of fault slip, to better understand the physics of slow earthquakes, one of the most exciting recent discoveries in geophysics. He says "I enjoyed presenting my work at the AGU Fall meeting, and I am honored to receive this award."

The Department of Geosciences congratulates Yajun Peng on his award!