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Ethan Campbell '16 recipient of NSF 2017 Graduate Research Fellowship

Ethan Cambell '16
On March 17, 2017, The National Science Foundation (NSF) named 2,000 recipients of its Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).  Alumnus Ethan Campbell '16 was among the adwardees. 

As an undergrad, Campbell was a student, as well as, a scientific research intern with Prof. Daniel Sigman's lab. We asked Campbell to write about what this award means to his current research:

"I am a first-year PhD student in the School of Oceanography at University of Washington, studying physical and chemical oceanography as a 2016-17 Fellow of the Program in Climate Change. My graduate study is focused on the polar oceans’ role in global climate. I investigate this connection using observations from profiling floats, ships, and satellites.  I am honored to be awarded the NSF GRFP, which provides financial support and additional flexibility in my choice of research direction. The award is conferred in large part based on prior research experience and coursework. To this end, I am grateful for the strong and vibrant grounding in earth science that I received through the Geosciences curriculum, as well as the close mentorship of Jorge Sarmiento, Danny Sigman, and Stephen Riser (now one of my graduate advisors at University of Washington) during independent research and summer internships as an undergraduate."

Please join us in congratulating Ethan Campbell at his time of recognition.

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