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A Special Day for the 2nd Annual Theresa’s Trail Benefit Run and Walk

The 2nd Annual Theresa’s Trails to benefit the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ALS took place on Sat. Apr. 29, 2017 at a pre-determined track within Princeton University’s campus.  This event was dedicated to former Geosciences grants manager Theresa, who is supported by the ALS Philadelphia organization.  For a second year in a row, the Princeton University Geosciences Society, better known as PUGS, hosted a five-kilometer run and one-mile walk.  Many of the PUGS undergrads came to volunteer for the day, such as Vivian Yao ’17 and Adrian Tasistro-Hart ’17; grad students Scott Maclennan, Akshay Mehra, and Joel Simon; and postdocs Clara Blättler, Maggie Lau, and Ayla Pamukcu. Two of Theresa’s closest co-workers, Mary Rose Russo and Eva Groves, helped with coordinating, while PUGS did most of the promoting throughout the university.  The race was unscathed by predicted rain showers making everyone a winner on such a bright, sunny day. 
The three top runners deserve a ‘hear-hear’: Geo Postdoc Sally Tracy clocked at 17.56, Mol Biol Postdoc Andrew Bridges at 18.38, and NDHS Francesco LaTorre at 18:47.  Other medal winners (by time) were Lillian Chen ’20, NDHS Mary Kate Bailey, Geo Postdoc Dmitry Borisov, NDHS Track Coach Russ Forsythe, EEB Postdoc Ricardo Martinez Garcia, Geo Res Scholar Oliver Baars, Geo Res Fellow Clara Blättler, Clare Cook ’20, John Hooper, Prof. Daniel Sigman and Michelle Everman.  Participating in the race were the Giblin family, including three Princeton middle-school students; several faculty members came with their young children; and star celebrity runners were canines Savannah and Brittany, who came accompanied by their owners Geo lab manager Danielle Schmitt and Geo staff member Kari Eisenberger.  Many came just to cheer, particularly Geo retiree George Rose and emeritus Lincoln Hollister.  In total, the race had 100+ participants and¬¬¬¬ crowd supporters.  
Princeton Pacers, who run a full-service running store at 7 Palmer Square West, officiated over the event for their second year. Hamilton Physical Therapy Services assisted participants with stretching exercises, while Princeton Fitness & Wellness provided training and medical advice, and Ivy Rehabilitation was on hand with their therapy recommendations.  Fresh fruit, bagels, protein bars, juices, pastas and more were provided by Arlee’s Raw Blends, Business Bistro, Olives Deli & Bakery, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market, all of which are businesses in the Princeton area.  PUGS are thankful for all of the 26 sponsors whose contributions made this event a success.  You can find the entire sponsor participants listed at the bottom of Theresa’s Trails webpage.
According to Russo, what made this event great were all facets of participation. She stated that there was such amazing camaraderie from families, friends, staff, students and faculty alike.  Russo simply had to say “that the energy and support from the department and community were outstanding!”  
The race was concluded with a thank you from sister Susan.  It was a touching moment for all to see how grateful she was on her sister’s behalf.  Best wishes to Theresa and her family from all of us at the Department of Geosciences and throughout the Princeton community.
Photos courtesy of Eva Groves and Ayla Pamukcu
2nd Annual Theresa's Trails Benefit Run and Walk
(Left to Right) 1st row: Registration table & catering from Olives, Trader Joes & Whole Foods | PUGS volunteer Adrian Tasistro-Hart ’17 |Theresa’s daughter Jessica & cousins. 2nd row: PUGS volunteer – Si Si | Runners – (l-r) Miah, Prof. Sigman, Trevor & Jessica Lueders-Dumont | Retiree George Rose & spouse Ilya | IvyRehab Sponsor.  3rd row: Runners - Jessica Lueders-Dumont & Prof. Sigman | Catering from Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods | Hamilton Physical Therapy | #1 Winner – Sally Tracy.  4th row: Notre Dame runner Nicole and other university students | Runners – Joel Simons, Prof. Rubin, Prof. Schoene, Prof. Resplandy, Prof. Sigman, Darcy Rose, Jessica Lueders-Dumont, Sally Tracey, Dmitry Borisov & Oliver Baars.  5th row: Walkers/Runners – Prof. Duffy, Chair Ward, Prof. Schoene, Prof. Sigman & Prof Rubin | Notre Dame runners – Natalie & Anthony | Runner – Maggie Lau | Running in Place – Joel Simon & Scott Maclennan.  6th row: #1 Runner - Sally Tracy | Medal Ceremony – Sally Tracy | Joe & Mary Rose Russo | Walkers - Luc, Danielle Schmitt, Camille & k-9 Savannah | Walkers – Kari Eisenberger, k-9 Brittany, Sheryl Robas & Dawn Reading  7th row: Theresa’s sister Susan thanking the crowd | Medal Ceremony - Lillian Chen | Medal Ceremony – Prof. Sigman.  8th row: Theresa’s Family & Friends (mother & best friends) | Medal Ceremony – Clara Blättler | Clean up – Eva and signage in the Geo fun golf cart.