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Prof. Jeroen Tromp statement on yesterday's Virginia earthquake posted on PrincetonU Facebook

Global ShakeMovie on Facebook
Published on the Princeton University Facebook account this morning was Prof. Jeroen Tromp's statement on yesterday's Virginia earthquake. Appearing along side the statement was a Global ShakeMovie documenting the earthquake and an array of comments coming in from all facets of Facebook life.
The summary from Prof. Tromp reads:
“Princeton seismologist and Professor of Geosciences Jeroen Tromp explained that earthquakes of this magnitude are unusual on the U.S. East Coast because, unlike the West Coast, the region is not a border between tectonic plates. Earthquakes in the eastern United States instead occur in a single plate's interior. However, the fact that the Virginia earthquake was felt over a large area is normal for the East Coast, where the ground absorbs very little of the vibration. Given the population density of the East Coast, Tromp said, these shallow earthquakes ¾ even a 5.9 magnitude earthquake, which is considered "moderate"¾ can be intense and dangerous.”

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