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Special Lecture: Responsible Research Conduct & Scientific Misconduct: Past, Present and Future

Speaker: Rex Dalton, Investigative Reporter for Science & Medicine

Geosciences Lecture: Friday Sept. 28, 2012, 12:00-1:00 pm, Room 10, Guyot Hall

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All graduate and undergraduate students at Princeton are encouraged to attend a special lecture on misconduct in science by investigative reporter, Rex Dalton. The lecture will address various topics of recent controversies, including:

Comet Theory Comes Crashing to Earth– concerning the claim that a comet crashed into Earth 13,000 years ago and wiped out the Clovis people and mammoths they fed on. The idea so captivated the public that three movies describing the catastrophe were produced.

Are Professors Picking the Public's Pockets? - University of California, Irvine, Professor earned a reputation for dynamic theories in computer networking at the dawn of the cell-phone age… but allegedly cultured a second calling in embezzlement and as a paid but undisclosed agent of corporations.

Quake Rescues Reserve, Shakes Baja Fishing Town – An earthquake has helped sea off a traditional fishing spot in Mexico, pleasing conservationists but hurting locals who depend on an annual fishing frenzy to sustain their economy.

This should be an exciting and memorable lecture. Research misconduct in Science does not often get reported, but when it does it is inevitably destructive with wide ramifications for the perpetrators. It often affects other researchers, not to speak of the bad name it gives science. There are very few investigators of misconduct in science and medicine and the best known is Rex Dalton, easily the most feared by perpetrators. Largely due his work the National Science Foundation (NSF) requires all students here at Princeton and other institutions of higher learning to take a course in “Responsible Conduct of Research.” Please join us for this rare opportunity to meet with Rex Dalton.