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A brief report from Guyot Hall after Hurricane Sandy




Photos from around Guyot Hall

The trees, gargoyles, and construction crews around Guyot Hall
in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.


Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012 - Guyot Hall fared very well after Hurricane Sandy considering the impact of the storm touchdown only 40-45 miles away along the Jersey coast. All the trees surrounding Guyot Hall are still standing and the gargoyles are intact. It is amazing that all withstood 90 mph winds during the height of the storm. No windows appear to be broken, hardware is working, and the network is running sufficiently. Construction crews at Guyot reported no damage and were looking forward to laying concrete on Friday morning.

Traveling to campus is not so easy. Intermittent roads have been cleared from the south; however, travel times have almost double if you are coming from the north. Traffic and felled trees seem to be the cause of most delays. Frequently, traffic lights have been converted to manual 4-way stops. In other crossways you are on your own. There are long lines at the gas pumps and risking coming in on a limited tank is not advised.

Currently, the electricity is still out for the majority of towns within New Jersey. Power is working on campus except for a few unoccupied buildings. Periodically, a postdoc can be seen in the halls and they are reporting limited electricity within local Princeton residences. Several near-by hotels are shuttling guests to other facilities. A visiting faculty member complained of being moved to an extremely expensive hotel.

Luckily, there is heat and well-working plumbing within Guyot Hall. A few postdocs and undergrads are enjoying the comfortable and familiar surroundings. The halls are quiet. It is fortunate that this is fall break and most faculty and students are away.

Safe travels for those out in the field and abroad. Your trips could not have come at a better time!

Please note that the University is currently running on limited power and it is advised that only critical employees report to work. Alerts are posted on and traffic routes are being reported.