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REMINDER: "Volcanism, Impacts and Mass Extinctions: Causes and Effects" conference

Professor Gerta Keller is one of the organizers of an international, multi-disciplinary conference on

Volcanism, Impacts and Mass Extinctions: Causes and Effects
March 27-29, 2013
Natural History Museum in London

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For more information on participation visit:
The Mineralogical Society

To download ciruclars on attending this event visit:
Prof. Keller's Massextinction site

Researchers across geological, geophysical, astrophysical and biological disciplines are meeting to evaluate the respective roles of volcanism, bolide impacts, sea-level fluctuations and associated climate, and environmental changes in major episodes of species extinction. New data that has recently emerged in a variety of fields will be reviewed. The topics to be presented and discussed at this conference has broad implications for understanding extinction events and catastrophic environmental changes—both ancient and modern. The conference will also assess the status of the sometime rancorous disagreements between proponents of different hypotheses of the causes of mass extinctions in an effort to foster a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to resolving outstanding problems in the field.

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