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Hejun Zhu named in the tenth Chinese Government Awards for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad


Hejun Zhu


Grad student Hejun Zhu has been named one of the recipients of the Chinese Government award for outstanding students aboard. Since 2003, the Chinese government has been awarding students who are able to study in a foreign country on their own accord. The awards are given to honor student for their ability to study abroad without government-funded sponsorships under the umbrella of the China Scholarship Council. Often, these students study in highly acclaimed institutions where they might face many challenges in being a student in a foreign country.

This year, a total of 489 Chinese Ph.D. candidates from 25 nations were awarded, including five extraordinary prizewinners for outstanding accomplishments. The Department is glad to mention that Hejun Zhu is one of the five extraordinary prizewinners and congratulate him for this achievement.

Here at Guyot Hall, Hejun Zhu collaborates with the Theoretical & Computational Seismology group and Professor Jeroen Tromp. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Geophysics, with research interests in seismic imaging and tomography. Zhu hopes to remain with the group to complete his Ph.D. at the Geosciences department.

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