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With deep sadness, the department has learned of the passing of Dr. Atholl Sutherland-Brown *54. His son Brian has informed the department that his father passed away on December 9, 2016 in Victoria, BC in Canada.
When he started his graduate studies in 2011, Brenhin Keller had planned on a laboratory-based research career focusing on the chemistry and features of ancient rock. But at the time, his Princeton University Ph.D. advisor, Blair Schoene, was still setting up equipment in his new laboratory. He and Keller instead chose a computational project Keller could begin immediately. - "DEIXIS, The DOE CSGF Annual"
Frederick Muller Schall, Jr. graduated from Princeton University in 1937 with a degree in Geology. He subsequently spent a year studying Geology at Cambridge University, England. The "Houston Chronicle" news hosts his obituary listing.