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Archive – April 2011

A friendly reminder of the Retirement Celebration on Saturday. In-house registration will be from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Guyot Great Hall. In order to attend the functions, you must stop by and check-in. If you are only attending cocktails and dinner in the evening, there will be registration at Prospect.
"Geosciences and architecture, two of the University’s smaller departments, also attracted larger crowds than usual this spring." Excerpts from: Dec, Jonathan. "History department sees drop in sophomore concentrators." Daily Princetonian 27 Apr 2011: n. pag. Web. 27 Apr 2011.
Retired Geosciences Professor, W. Jason Morgan, has been named a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science, along with eight other Princeton faculty members. In winning this award, Morgan joins the ranks of one of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies and a leading center for independent policy research.
From all of us at the Department of Geosciences, we an extended a warm welcome to the Class of 2013.
This campus favorite features spectacular action-packed films on a range of mountain and adventure sports, including rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, mountain biking, extreme skiing and explorations of the natural world.
Sheryl Robas, a 30-year Service Award recipient, is interviewed at a HR award ceremony.
As many of you know, Elisabeth Dahlen passed away on March 29, 2011. She was a dear friend/member of the department, as well as a long serving member of the University community.