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Archive – October 2011

Geosciences final exam schedule for courses: GEO 418, GEO 415, GEO 363, GEO 297, GEO 207, GEO 203, and GEO 102a in January.
Washington Post article: What do you do when there’s a small but real chance that global warming could lead to a catastrophe? How do you talk about that in a way that’s useful to policymakers? “This is something we’ve struggled with a lot over the years,” says Michael Oppenheimer, a professor of geosciences at Princeton University. And as the world’s climatologists get started on the next big assessment of climate science — due in 2013 —
Jeroen Tromp, Daniel Peter, Shravan Hanasoge, and Ebru Bozdag attended the 2nd QUEST (QUantitative Estimation of Earth's Seismic Sources and STructure) workshop from 12th to 19th of July in Hveragerdi, Iceland. The QUEST project is an Initial Training Network funded by European Commission ( It is dedicated to the memory of Albert Tarantola with a focus on all aspects of computational seismology and source & structural inverse problems. During the one-week workshop there was al
Jeroen Tromp, Professor of Geosciences and Applied and Computational Mathematics, invited to make a presentation at the October 27th Princeton President's Lecture Series.