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Archive – June 2012

Scientists at Princeton University are composing the complex codes designed to instruct a new class of powerful computers that will allow researchers to tackle problems that were previously too difficult to solve. These supercomputers, operating at a speed called the "exascale," will produce realistic simulations of dazzlingly complex phenomena in nature such as fusion reactions, earthquakes and climate change.
It was great to see GEO Alumni at the Reunion, watch our students walk the line on Class Day, and congratulate our graduates at commencement! Photos courtesy of Sheryl Ann Robas
The Department of Geosciences congratulates the graduating Class of 2012.
Professor Keller, that is. Her rags-to-riches story has wound up improbably on the third floor of Guyot Hall at Prince­ton. It has been a very long journey by way of England, North Africa, Australia (where she was shot and nearly killed by a bank robber), and San Francisco during the heyday of Flower Power. She’s also a catastrophist. Her world isn’t one of gradual, uniform change. It’s a lot more dramatic than that.