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Archive – August 2013

Here we reconstruct changes in North Atlantic nitrogen fixation over the past 160,000 years from the shell-bound nitrogen isotope ratio (15N/14N) of planktonic foraminifera in Caribbean Sea sediments. (Published "Nature" online 21 August 2013)
The American Geophysical Union (AGU) made the announcement that Prof. Thomas Duffy has been elected as a Fellow for 2013.
The damage scientists expect climate change to do to crop yields can differ greatly depending on which type of model was used to make those projections, according to research based at Princeton University. The problem is that the most dire scenarios can loom large in the minds of the public and policymakers, yet neither audience is usually aware of how the model itself influenced the outcome, the researchers said.
Two species of bacteria living on the ocean floor have teamed up in a unique symbiotic relationship to form a critical link in the Earth’s nitrogen cycle, reports a research team that includes two University of California, Davis, microbiologists.
Sybil Sinclair Hargraves, 81, of Princeton, NJ, passed away on Monday, July 29, 2013, with loving family by her side. A memorial reception will be held on Monday, August 5, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Palmer House, One Bayard Lane, Princeton, NJ, 08540.
Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-Berkeley report in the journal Science that even slight spikes in temperature and precipitation have greatly increased the risk of personal violence and social upheaval throughout human history. Projected onto an Earth that is expected to warm by 2 degrees Celsius by 2050, the authors suggest that more human conflict is a likely outcome of climate change.