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GEO 202 Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate
Students taking beach profile measurements at Island Beach State Park, NJ in early May of 2014. Sarmiento/Schmitt

2014 Field Work in India’s Deccan Traps
Research team at Deccan Trap conducting mass-extinction field work. Keller/Schoene

FRS 187: Earth's Environments and Ancient Civilizations
Video of Students using the GPS prior to Cyrus trip. Fall.

FRS 187 Earth's Environments and Ancient Civilization
Slideshow of the field trip to Polis Chrysochous, Cyrus. Fall.

GEO 505 Fundamentals of Geosciences
Field trip to Catskills Fall in the Appalachian Mountains of New York state. Sept. 20-22.

2014 GEO Grad Reunion

Annual GEO field trip: Alumni, faculty and students gather to hold an alumni reunion throughout selected locations in New Mexico.