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Clara L. Blättler

Current Research

I am interested in the geological record of marine carbonates and the information it holds about past climate, oceanic chemistry, and geochemical cycles. In particular, I use calcium isotopes along with major and trace element chemistry to interpret ancient environments and processes. I hope to investigate intervals of environmental change, carbon cycle perturbations, and evolutionary developments in Earth history, along with examples of modern settings. I am also interested in the geochemistry of evaporite formations and the records they contain about seawater chemistry. 

Previous Study

I completed my doctoral thesis in 2012 at the University of Oxford (UK), where I was supervised by Gideon Henderson and Hugh Jenkyns. I received my undergraduate degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard College in 2008, where I wrote an honors thesis with Daniel Schrag and Kate Dennis.


CL Blättler, GM Henderson, and HC Jenkyns, in prep. Calcium isotopes respond to mineralogy in Halimeda biomineralization.

CL Blättler, 2012. Applications of calcium isotopes in marine carbonates in the Recent and Phanerozoic. DPhil thesis, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford.

CL Blättler, GM Henderson, and HC Jenkyns, 2012. Explaining the Phanerozoic Ca isotope history of seawater. Geology 40, 843-846. doi:10.1130/G33191.1.

CL Blättler, HC Jenkyns, LM Reynard, and GM Henderson, 2011. Significant increases in global weathering during Oceanic Anoxic Events 1a and 2 indicated by calcium isotopes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 309, 77-88. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2011.06.029


Department: Geosciences

Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Area of Study: Geochemistry

Mentor: John Higgins

Office: 210 Guyot Hall

Phone: 609-258-0836