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Graduate Admissions

Thank you for your interest in graduate studies. I accept students in both the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program, which has a strong geophysical fluid dynamics emphasis, and the Department of Geosciences, which is more interdisciplinary. Both the Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences Program and Department of Geosciences have a policy of putting all applications for graduate studies into a single pool and then selecting the best from that pool. I do not generally advise students of their admissibility in advance of their applying, nor is it necessary to determine if there is an opening in my group. That determination would be made after the admissions decisions have been made. All graduate students are supported by a Princeton University fellowship during their first year and by research and teaching assistantships thereafter.  This covers both tuition and living costs. I am always happy to have talented and enthusiastic students working in my group and would encourage you to apply to Princeton if you have a strong record and deep and abiding interest in research.  You can obtain detailed information on application procedures and requirements from the web sites indicated on the right side of the page.