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Blair Schoene - Research

My research focuses on applying geochronology, thermochronology, radiogenic isotope tracing, field geology, structural analysis, and geochemistry to processes of lithospheric evolution and Earth history.  I oversee a radiogenic isotope geology lab in Geosciences at Princeton, which hosts low-blank clean room facilities and a thermal ionization mass spectrometer, in addition to rock and mineral separation and characterization facilities. 

Interested in doing a Ph.D or post-doc? Send me an email.

Jan. 2012:  See article in Geosciences news about the completion of the radiogenic isotopes lab!  After a long haul, the lab is now running smoothly and we're measuring U-Pb zircon analyses with sub-picogram blanks.  See also the full length article in the Geosciences newsletter, The Smilodon.

Recent and ongoing research themes

Methods in high-precision geochronology


Processes of continental magmatism and tectonics

Construction and stabilization of Archean lithosphere

Rates,causes, and consequences of mass extinction events

Other problems in earth history