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Frederik J. Simons - Group

Group picture without Glenn, 2012

2012 Group Members Yanhua Yuan, Kevin Lewis, Glenn Sterenborg, Chris Harig, Gabe Eggers, Alain Plattner, Evan Welch — with Frederik Simons. See here for the undoctored original.

I am interested in people who share, extend, and challenge my interests. The best way to get started is to peruse my research pages to find out what I've been up to, see if anything appeals to you, and mention this and my name in your application to the Department of Geosciences. This goes via the Graduate School at Princeton, which has its own set of rules and deadlines, as you can find out from their web pages. Please do not send me editable documents. Stick with PDF if you must send me anything. I cannot take summer interns, except under truly exceptional circumstances. To date, there have been very few such instances, and only Princeton students can expect to get funding.

A list of current and former group members.