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Frederik J. Simons - Publications

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My ResearcherID is A-3427-2008. My OrcID is 0000-0003-2021-6645. My ScopusID is 7102927367. Preprints that are on arXiv can be accessed here, and a direct link to most reprints in PDF form is here. A searchable BibTeX repository is here.

Chronological Publication List

Yanhua O. Yuan, Frederik J. Simons & Jeroen Tromp
Double-difference adjoint seismic tomography
Geophys. J. Int., 2016, 206 (3), 1599-1618
doi: 10.1093/gji/ggw233

Christopher Harig & Frederik J. Simons
Ice mass loss in Greenland, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Canadian Archipelago: Seasonal cycles and decadal trends
Geophys. Res. Lett., 2016, 43, 3150-3159

Alain Plattner & Frederik J. Simons
High-resolution local magnetic field models for the Martian South Pole from Mars Global Surveyor data
J. Geophys. Res., 2015, 120, 1543-1566

Yanhua O. Yuan, Frederik J. Simons & Ebru Bozdağ
Multiscale adjoint waveform tomography for surface and body waves
Geophysics, 2015, 80 (5), R281­-R302

Alexey Sukhovich, Sébastien Bonnieux, Yann Hello, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Frederik J. Simons & Guust Nolet
Seismic monitoring in the oceans by autonomous floats
Nature Commun., 2015, 6:8027

Lara M. Kalnins, Frederik J. Simons, J. F. Kirby, D. V. Wang & Sofia C. Olhede
On the robustness of estimates of mechanical anisotropy in the continental lithosphere: A North American case study and global reanalysis
Earth Planet. Sc. Lett., 2015, 419, 43-51

Christopher Harig, Kevin W. Lewis, Alain Plattner & Frederik J. Simons
A suite of software analyzes data on the sphere (Web)
A suite of software analyzes data on the sphere (Print)
Eos Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, 2015, 96 (6), 18-22

Christopher Harig & Frederik J. Simons
Accelerated West Antarctic ice mass loss continues to outpace East Antarctic gains
Earth Planet. Sc. Lett., 2015, 415, 134-141. Related work.

Alain Plattner & Frederik J. Simons
Potential-field estimation from satellite data using scalar and vector Slepian functions
Handbook of Geomathematics, 2015, 2003-2055

Frederik J. Simons & Alain Plattner
Scalar and vector Slepian functions, spherical signal estimation and spectral analysis
Handbook of Geomathematics, 2015, 2563-2608

Alain Plattner & Frederik J. Simons
Mars' heterogeneous South Polar magnetic field revealed using altitude vector Slepian functions
46th Lunar Planetary Science Conference 2015, Abstract No. 1794

Yanhua O. Yuan & Frederik J. Simons & Ebru Bozdağ
Full-waveform adjoint tomography in a multiscale perspective
SEG Tech. Prog. Expanded Abstracts, 2014, 1194-1199

Yanhua O. Yuan & Frederik J. Simons
Multiscale adjoint waveform-difference tomography using wavelets
Geophysics, 2014, 79, W79-W95

Alain Plattner & Frederik J. Simons
Spatiospectral concentration of vector fields on a sphere
Appl. Comput. Harmon. Anal., 2014, 36, 1-22. Related work.

Alain Plattner & Frederik J. Simons
A spatiospectral localization approach for analyzing and representing vector-valued functions on spherical surfaces
Proc. SPIE, 2013,  8858 (88580N)

Jean Charléty, Sergey Voronin, Guust Nolet, Ignace Loris, Frederik J. Simons, Karin Sigloch & Ingrid C. Daubechies
Global seismic tomography with sparsity constraints: Comparison with smoothing and damping regularization
J. Geophys. Res., 2013, 118 (9), 4887-4899. Related work.

Kevin W. Lewis, Frederik J. Simons & Gabe L. Eggers
Maximum-likelihood estimation of lithospheric thickness on Venus
44th Lunar Planetary Science Conference 2013, Abstract No. 2612

Frederik J. Simons & Sofia C. Olhede
Maximum-likelihood estimation of lithospheric flexural rigidity, initial-loading fraction, and load correlation, under isotropy
Geoph. J. Int., 2013, 193 (3), 1300-1342. Related work.

Robert E. Kopp, Frederik J. Simons, Jerry X. Mitrovica, Adam C. Maloof & Michael Oppenheimer
A probabilistic assessment of sea level variations within the last interglacial stage
Geoph. J. Int., 2013, 193 (2), 711-716. Related work.

Ciarán D. Beggan, Jarno Saarimäki, Kathy A. Whaler & Frederik J. Simons
Spectral and spatial decomposition of lithospheric magnetic field models using spherical Slepian functions
Geoph. J. Int., 2013, 193 (1), 136-148. Related work.

Christopher Harig & Frederik J. Simons
Mapping Greenland's mass loss in space and time
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sc., 2012, 109 (49) 19934-19937. Related work.

Kevin W. Lewis & Frederik J. Simons
Local spectral variability and the origin of the Martian crustal
magnetic field

Geophys. Res. Lett., 2012, 39, L18201. Related work.

Alain Plattner, Frederik J. Simons & Liying Wei
Analysis of real vector fields on the sphere using Slepian functions
IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop (SSP), 2012

Lei Wang, C. K. Shum, Frederik J. Simons, Andrés Tassara, Kamil Erkan, C. Jekeli, Alexander Braun, Chungyen Kuo, Hyongki Lee & Dah-Ning Yuan
Coseismic slip of the 2010 Mw 8.8 Great Maule, Chile, earthquake quantified by the inversion of GRACE observations
Earth Planet. Sc. Lett., 2012, 335-336, 167-179. Related work.

Lei Wang, C. K. Shum, Frederik J. Simons, Byron D. Tapley & C. Dai
Coseismic and postseismic deformation of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake constrained by GRACE gravimetry
Geophys. Res. Lett., 2012, 39, L07301. Related work.

D. Cornelis Slobbe, Frederik J. Simons & Roland Klees
The spherical Slepian basis as a means to obtain spectral consistency between mean sea level and the geoid
J. Geodesy, 2012, 86 (8), 609-628. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, Ignace Loris, Eugene Brevdo & Ingrid C. Daubechies
Wavelets and wavelet-like transforms on the sphere and their application to geophysical data inversion
Proc. SPIE, 2011, 8138 (81380X)

Frederik J. Simons, Ignace Loris, Guust Nolet, Ingrid C. Daubechies, Sergey Voronin, J. Stephen Judd, Philip A. Vetter, J. Charléty & C. Vonesch
Solving or resolving global tomographic models with spherical wavelets, and the scale and sparsity of seismic heterogeneity
Geoph. J. Int., 2011, 187 (2), 969-988. Related work.

Alexey Sukhovich, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Frederik J. Simons, Anthony Ogé, Yann M. Hello, Anne Deschamps & Guust Nolet
Automatic discrimination of underwater acoustic signals generated by teleseismic P-waves: A probabilistic approach
Geophys. Res. Lett., 2011, 38, L18605

Kevin W. Lewis & Frederik J. Simons
Spatial variability of the Martian crustal magnetic field
42nd Lunar Planetary Science Conference 2011, Abstract No. 2621

Frederik J. Simons & Dong V. Wang
Spatiospectral concentration in the Cartesian plane
Int. J. Geomathematics, 2011, 2 (1), 1-36. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons
Slepian functions and their use in signal estimation and spectral analysis
Handbook of Geomathematics, 2010, 30, 891-923

Frederik J. Simons
Turning freshmen into scientists with field research and quantitative analysis of geoscientific data
Matlab Digest | Academic Edition, October 2010, 1-3

A. C. Maloof, C. V. Rose, C. C. Calmet, R. Beach, B. M. Samuels, D. H. Erwin, G. R. Poirier, N. Yao & Frederik J. Simons
Possible animal-body fossils in pre-Marinoan limestones from South Australia
Nature Geoscience, 2010, 3, 653-659. Related work.

Christopher Harig, Shijie Zhong & Frederik J. Simons
Constraints on upper-mantle viscosity from the flow-induced pressure gradient across the Australian continental keel
Geochem., Geophys., Geosys., 2010, 11, Q06004

Robert E. Kopp, Frederik J. Simons, Jerry X. Mitrovica, Adam C. Maloof & Michael Oppenheimer
Probabilistic assessment of sea level during the last interglacial stage
Nature, 2009, 462, 863-867

Frederik J. Simons, Jessica C. Hawthorne & Ciarán D. Beggan
Efficient analysis and representation of geophysical processes using localized spherical basis functions
Proc. SPIE, 2009, 7446 (74460G)

Frederik J. Simons, Guust Nolet, Paul Georgief, Jeff M. Babcock, Lloyd A. Regier & Russ E. Davis
On the potential of recording earthquakes for global seismic tomography by low-cost autonomous instruments in the oceans
J. Geophys. Res., 2009, 114, B05307. Related work.

F. A. Dahlen & Frederik J. Simons
Spectral estimation on a sphere in geophysics and cosmology
Geoph. J. Int., 2008, 174 (3), 774-807. Related work.

Jeffrey J. McGuire, Frederik J. Simons & John A. Collins
Analysis of seafloor seismograms for the 2003 Tokachi-Oki earthquake sequence for earthquake early warning
Geophys. Res. Lett., 2008, 35 (14), L14310. Related work.

Abel Amirbekyan, Volker Michel & Frederik J. Simons
Parametrizing surface wave tomographic models with harmonic spherical splines
Geoph. J. Int., 2008, 174 (2), 617-628.  Related work.

Shin-Chan Han & Frederik J. Simons
Spatiospectral localization of global geopotential fields from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) reveals the coseismic gravity change owing to the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake
J. Geophys. Res., 2008, 113 (B1), B01405. Related work.

Mark A. Wieczorek & Frederik J. Simons
Minimum-variance multitaper spectral estimation on the sphere
J. Fourier Anal. Appl., 2007, 13 (6), 665-692. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons & F. A. Dahlen
A spatiospectral localization approach to estimating potential fields on the surface of a sphere from noisy, incomplete data taken at satellite altitudes
Proc. SPIE, 2007, 6701 (670117)

Laurent G. J. Montési, Giulio di Toro, Frederik J. Simons & 5 others
Young scientists focus on the dynamics of the lithosphere 
Eos Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, 2006, 87 (44), 482

Frederik J. Simons, Ben D. E. Dando & Richard M. Allen
Automatic detection and rapid determination of earthquake magnitude by wavelet multiscale analysis of the primary arrival
Earth & Planet. Sci. Lett., 2006, 250 (1-2), 214-223. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, Guust Nolet, Jeff M. Babcock, R. E. Davis & J. A. Orcutt
A future for drifting seismic networks
Eos Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, 2006, 87 (31), 305 & 307

Frederik J. Simons & F. A. Dahlen
Spherical Slepian functions and the polar gap in geodesy
Geoph. J. Int., 2006, 166 (3), 1039-1061. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, F. A. Dahlen & Mark A. Wieczorek
Spatiospectral localization on a sphere
SIAM Review, 2006, 48, (3), 504-536. Related work.

Malcolm Sambridge, Caroline Beghein, Frederik J. Simons & Roel Snieder
How do we understand and visualize uncertainty?
The Leading Edge, 2006, 25 (2), 542-546

Mark A. Wieczorek & Frederik J. Simons
Localized spectral analysis on the sphere
Geoph. J. Int., 2005, 162 (3), 655-675. Related work.

Saskia Goes, Frederik J. Simons & Kazunori Yoshizawa
Seismic constraints on the temperature of the Australian uppermost mantle
Earth & Planet. Sci. Lett., 2005, 236 (1-2), 227-237. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, Thorsten W. Becker, James B. Kellogg & 5 others
MYRES: A program to unite young solid Earth researchers
Eos Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, 2005, 86 (5), 48-49

Frederik J. Simons, Thorsten W. Becker, James B. Kellogg & 6 others
Young solid Earth researchers of the world unite!
Eos Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, 2004, 85 (16), 160-161

Frederik J. Simons & Rob D. van der Hilst
Seismic and mechanical anisotropy and the past and present deformation of the Australian lithosphere
Earth & Planet. Sci. Lett., 2003, 211 (3-4), 271-286. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, Rob D. van der Hilst & Maria T. Zuber
Spatio-spectral localization of isostatic coherence anisotropy in Australia and its relation to seismic anisotropy: Implications for lithospheric deformation
J. Geophys. Res., 2003, 108 (B5), 2250. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, Rob D. van der Hilst, J.-P. Montagner & Alet Zielhuis
Multimode Rayleigh wave inversion for shear wave speed heterogeneity and azimuthal anisotropy of the Australian upper mantle
Geoph. J. Int., 2002, 151 (3), 738-754. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons & Rob D. van der Hilst
Age-dependent seismic and mechanical thickness of the Australian lithosphere
Geophys. Res. Lett., 2002, 29 (11), 1529. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, Maria T. Zuber & Jun Korenaga
Isostatic response of the Australian lithosphere: Estimation of effective elastic thickness and anisotropy using multitaper spectral analysis
J. Geophys. Res., 2000, 105 (B8), 19163-19184. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, Alet Zielhuis & Rob D. van der Hilst
The deep structure of the Australian continent from surface-wave tomography
Lithos, 1999, 48, 17-43. Related work.

Frederik J. Simons, Frédéric Verhelst & Rudy Swennen
Quantitative characterization of coal by means of microfocal X-ray computed microtomography (CMT) and color image analysis (CIA)
Intern. J. Coal Geol., 1997, 34 (1-2), 69-88. Related work.