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Frederik J. Simons - Research

Spectral Variance

I am a geologically inspired, geophysically educated, computationally motivated and mathematically minded geoscientist interested in the seismic, mechanical, thermal and magnetic properties of the Earth's lithosphere — and of the terrestrial planets and moons. I enjoy analyzing complex, large, and heterogeneous geophysical data sets, and design theoretical and computational inverse methods and statistical techniques to be able to do so — especially for partially observed processes modeled on a sphere. No amount of sophistication can cure a fundamental data limitation: I am developing floating hydrophones to open up the sparsely instrumented oceanic domains for global tomography.

Research Interests

Analysis of sea level variations and polar-ice melting

Wavelet analysis in seismology, geophysics, and beyond

Oceanic instrumentation  — Projects MERMAID and Son-O-Mermaid

Theoretical signal & spectral analysis on the sphere and in the plane

Analysis of gravity & topography & large earthquakes

Seismic, mechanical & thermal properties of the lithosphere

Regional seismic surface-wave tomography

Study of (planetary) lithospheres and magnetic field properties

(Non-)destructive analysis of geological materials