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Frederik J. Simons - Software

Software screen shot

Over the years I have coded hundreds of Matlab scripts to do just about anything. I adhere to the tenets of reproducible research.

On this page I present an attempt to make my codes useful to a broader audience. Feel free to improve upon these files, let me know any bug fixes or suggestions you might have, and try to acknowledge my input if you find any of this useful. When making modifications, preserve my name as the source. Of course, no guarantee can be given as to the suitability of my code for anything it is intended to do. Although I acknowledge help by and inspiration from Oded Aharonson, Mark D. Behn, Eugene Brevdo, Gabe Eggers, Chris Harig, Jessica Hawthorne, Hrafnkell Kárason, Kevin Lewis, Ignace Loris, Guy Masters, Alain Plattner, Dong Wang, Evan Welch and Mark Wieczorek, as well as various web resources, any inaccuracies will be my own responsibility.