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Frederik J. Simons - Teaching

Frederik Simons at the blackboard

I like teaching! I strive for clarity and precision in teaching the fundamentals of a subject rather than attempting encyclopaedic completeness of coverage. I will choose How? over What? I prefer developing the material on the blackboard, allowing for questions, tangents, and interaction with the students, over the static and linear nature of showing slides. Of course, sometimes my teaching is quite literally hands-on, and I use digital projection when necessary — one student evaluation had it that "Frederik's powerpoints were like geoscience wisdom distilled into pill-size portions". Still, in this day of online everything, students embrace a return to the blackboard as a great invention—as in "Frederik is an amazing teacher. I like his instructional method and the lectures. His special way of presenting using blackboard simulated my engagement and independent thinking." ! Above all, I try to give students what I think they need most: challenging problems, enthusiasm for the subject, individual attention. From the Student Course Guide: "Brilliant guy, high expectations. Will work with you if you ask for help. Very available". Or yet: "Nobody I've had here has put this much effort into getting everybody on board."

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