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Career Prospects for Undergraduates

The solid Earth science and environmental geosciences tracks are appropriate for students planning to enroll in graduate school in the sciences or medicine, or to pursue careers in industries or agencies involved in extracting or conserving our natural resources. The subdisciplines offered by the department include (in solid Earth) general geology, geophysics, tectonophysics, mineralogy, petrology, and materials science, and (in environmental geosciences) atmospheric and ocean sciences, low-temperature geochemistry, environmental geochemistry and water resources, biogeochemistry, and geomicrobiology. The environmental policy track may appeal to those students with broad interdisciplinary interests who intend to pursue a career in law, business, public policy, government, or diplomacy, and who recognize the usefulness of a sound training in Earth sciences in furthering those goals. Depending upon their interests, such students may choose to draw most of their geoscience courses from either the solid Earth or environmental track.

Get Started On Your Career Development

When it comes to planning your career, there are many paths before you. It can be confusing, daunting and exciting, all at the same time! You may think a career search begins with a resume, but it actually starts with self-discovery. Take a methodical approach, and you can position yourself to land a rewarding internship, job or offer for post-undergraduate study.

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