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Undergraduate Research Projects

Geosciences Senior Thesis - Class of 2017

(print version)

Scott M. Bechler

"Exploring the Relationships Between Marine Cloud
   Brightening, the Walker Circulation, and Boreal Summer
   Asian Monsoon Precipitation"

M. Oppenheimer / Y. Ming (AOS)
Katherine M. Begland

"Weak Inner Core Anisotropy Along Polar Paths Under the
   Western Pacific Ocean"

J. Irving / F. Simons
Kenny M. Hulpach

"Interior Structure of Jupiter's Satellite Io Based on Thermal
   Equation of State Data"

T. Duffy / J. Irving
Catherine C. Ivanovich

"Uncovering the Source of Elevated Arsenic in Classic Maya
   Human Remains: Implications from Antiquity to Modernity"

Christianese S. Kaiser

"Estimating Atmospheric Methane Emission by Mineral
   Cryosols in the Arctic Region Using the Explicit High
   Affinity Methanotroph (XHAM) Model"

T. Onstott / S. Fueglistaler
Sydney A. Mandelbaum

"Potential Sources of Hemispheric Energetic Asymmetry"

S. Fueglistaler / G. Vecchi
Lauren M. Santi

"A Calcium and Strontium Analysis of Shark Teeth to
   Constrain Past Ocean Chemistry"

J. Higgins / S. Myneni
Jana M. Suriano

"Survival and Metabolism of Methanosarcina soligelidi Under
   Simulated Martian Subsurface Conditions"

T. Onstott / B. Ward
Kellie E. Swadba

"Wave Profile Analysis of the Behavior of SiO2 Under Shock

T. Duffy / A. Rubin
Adrian Tasistro-Hart

"Astronomically Forced Hydrology of the Late Cretaceous
   Sub-Tropical Potosí Basin, Bolivia"

A. Maloof / B. Schoene
Anna C. Van Brummen

"Calibration and Noise Characterization of a Newly Installed
   Seismometer at Princeton University"

F. Simons / J. Irving
William S. Van Cleve

"Modeling the Relationship Between Climate and Conflict:
   Nigerian Intergroup Conflict, Boko Haram Violence, and the
   Israel/Palestine Conflict"

M Oppenheimer / F. Simons
Vivian M. Yao

"Stable Isotopic Signatures in Symbiotic Bermudian Corals: A
   Study of Nutrient and Light Variability on 15N in Porites
   astreoides at Bermuda"

M. Oppenheimer / Y. Ming (AOS)
Young (Paul) R. Yi

"Numerical Investigation of the Dependence of Tidal Mixing
   by Wave-Wave Interactions on Topographic and Flow

S. Legg (AOS) / R. Hallberg (AOS)

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