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Undergraduate Research Projects

Geosciences Senior Thesis - Class of 2015

(print version)

Eric D. Bolton
"Parameterizing the KoK Effect: How Light Inhibition of
   Respiration Affects Ecosystem Carbon Budget Predictions"
D. Medvigy / M. Bender

Leticia M. Bombier
"The Importance of Volcanic Rocks and Thin Sediments on
  Thermal Gradient"
T. Onstott / F. Meggers

Joan L. Cannon
"Studying Past Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Using
   Mass Spectrometer Analysis of Foraminifera-Bound
   Organic Matter"
D. Sigman / M. Bender

Tiffany W. Cheung
"A Mechanistic Study of CO2 Fixation In Marine Diatoms:
  The Effects of Diel Cycling, Temperature & Light Intensity
  On Thalassiosira weissflogii"
F. Morel / D. Sigman

Preston C. Kemeny
"Seasonality in the Antarctic Ocean: Late Summer Nitrate
    Isotope Measurements from the Pacific Sector and
    A Seasonal Model of the Upper Water Column"
D. Sigman / J. Sarmiento

Trevor D. Klee
"Calculating Mass Balance Per Degree for the Aleutian
    Crust Using a Novel Method"
B. Schoene / J. Higgins

Sean P. McIntee
"The Concentration and Isotopic Composition of Nitrate
    In the Water Column Along a Cross-Basin Transect of the
    North Atlantic Ocean"
D. Sigman / B. Ward

Yuem Park
"Constraining Deformation in the Skymo Lake Area
    of the North Cascades, WA: Implications for the
    Rapid Exhumation of Arc Middle Crust Along
    Strike-Slip Fault Systems"
B. Schoene / A. Maloof

Seniors from other departments working in geosciences

Martin Wolf (CBE)
"No Nitrification, No NO3? The Importance of Nitrification in the
    Epipelagic North Atlantic"

B. Ward / J. Benziger

Natalie Saenz (CHM)
"Stable isotope analysis of sunflower leaf respiration:
   the metabolic origin of the Kok Effect"
M. Bender

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