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Undergraduate Research Projects

Geosciences Senior Thesis - Class of 2016

(print version)

Ryan T. Barker
"U-Pb TIMS-TEA Geochronology and a New
   Chronostratigraphy Cañadon Asfalto Basin,
   Central Patagonia"
B. Schoene

Alyson K. Beveridge
"Measuring the Changing Mass of Glaciers on the Tibetan
   Plateau Using Time-Variable Gravity from the Grace
F. J. Simons

Ethan C. Campbell
"Where Three Oceans Meet:  Nitrate Isotope 
   Measurements from the  South Atlantic Along 34.5°S"
D. Sigman

Alison M. Campion
"Constraining the Timing and Amplitude of Proposed
   Glacioeustasy During the Late Paleozoic Ice Age
   with a Continuous Carbonate Record in Spain"
B. Schoene

Shanna L. Christian
"Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in Pennsylvania:
    Well Attributes and Effective Permeability"
M. Celia (CEE)

Jay B. Dessy
"Towards Quantifying the Risk of Compound Heat
    Wave Events:  Projections of Frequency and Severity"
M. Oppenheimer

Collin R. Edwards
"Mining Metagenomic Data to Understand the Lifestyle
    of Atmospheric Methane Oxidizing Bacteria in 
    Antarctic Surface Soil"
T. Onstott

Atleigh G. Forden
"Reconstructing Fish Ecology from Otolith Geochemistry:
    Past and Present"
B. Ward

Weber Liu
"Analysis of Martian Topography via A Parameterized
   Spectral Approach"
F. J. Simons

Rebecca A. Lowy
"Arsenic Adsorption on Fe/Mn-Oxides: Potential
   of Fe/Mn Nanocrystalline Coated Calcite for Filteration
   Drinking Water"
S. Myneni

Sophia C. Myers
"An Inter-Trophic Examination of Nitrogen Isotopes
    Past and Present"
B. Ward

Evan M. O’Brien
"A Multiple Stressor Model of Climate Change Effects on
   Growth and Survival of Larval Crassostrea gigas"
J. Sarmiento/G. Philander

Anteneh (Jimmy) Sarbanes
"Long Term Drought Signature of Standardized
   Vegetation Index"
E. Wood (CEE)

Anjali Taneja
"An Examination of Climate Variability and International
   Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa"
M. Oppenheimer

Ethan M. Vasquez
"A Physiological Approach to Determining Ecosystem
   Productivity in the Arctic"
M. Bender

Fiona M. West
" The Herbivory Cost of N2 Fixation and its Effect on the
   Abundance of Nitrogen Fixing Trees in a Tropical Forest"
D. Medvigy

Claire M. Zarakas
"Propagating Uncertainty from Plant Traits to Ecosystem
   Dynamics in a Dry Tropical Forest"
D. Medvigy

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