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Undergraduate Research Projects

Senior Thesis - Class of 2014

(print version)

Andrea M. Beale
"Fluid Inclusions in Marine Halite as a Window into the
   MG Isotopic Composition of Past Oceans"
J. Higgins / M. Bender

Sarah E. Bluher
"An Integrated ChemoStratigraphic Approach to
   Understanding The Siluro-Devonian Positive Carbon
   Isotope Excursion"
A. Maloof / B. Schoene

Charlotte E. Conner
"Using 15N/14N in Diatom Fossils to Understand Changes
    In Surface Ocean Nutrient Dynamics 2.73 MA"
D. Sigman / F. Morel

Lauren A. Lewis
"Using U-PB Geochronology to Constrain The Formation
    Of a New Jersey Nelsonite"
B. Schoene / T. Duffy

Kathleen M. Ryan
"Precision and Accuracy of Low-Cost Global Positioning
    Augmentation Systems"
F. Simons / A. Maloof

Nathan D. Serota
"Aerosols, Change Points, and the Evolving
    Land Carbon Sink"
J. Sarmiento / D. Medvigy

Robert D. Shepherd
"Diagenesis in the Great Bahamas Bank:  An Analysis of Mg
    Isotopes in the Sediment Cores from ODP Site 1003"
D. Medvigy / S. Fueglistaler

Alan R. Southworth
"Updates to Leaf Respiration Parameterization:  Assessing
    the Impact of Light Inhibition, Leaf Expansion, and
    a Warming Scenario for Carbon Budget Modeling"
D. Medvigy / M. Bender

Djohan M. Sutjiawan
"New Constraints on the Size of Io’s Core"
T. Duffy / A. Rubin

Regina R. Wang
"A Species-Specific Approach to Predicting the Timing of
    Deciduous Leaf Emergence in the United States"
D. Medvigy / G. Philander
Saul M. Kinter (GE)
"Modeling Water Distributions Along the Brazos River"
J. Smith / J. Sheffield

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