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Undergraduate Research Projects

Senior Thesis - Class of 2013

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Andrew S. Budnick

"Phosphorus Limitation and the Reduction of the Carbon Fertilization Effect in Tropical Ecosystems"
D. Medvigy / D. Sigman

Nicholas M. Burton

"Temperature-Dependent Methanotrophy in High Arctic Permafrost: Implications for Global Warming"
T. C. Onstott / G. Keller

Christine Y. Chen

"Lake Bonneville’s Tilted Shorelines Revisited: Implications for Late Pleistocene Climate "
A. Maloof / J. Tromp

Gabriel L. Eggers
"A Regionalized Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of the Spatial Structure of Venusian Topography"
F. Simons / T. Duffy

Jeffrey D. Gronewold
"The Implications of Mafic Enclaves on Magmatic Differentiation and Pluton Emplacement: Geochronological And Geochemical Insights from the Bergell Intrusion, N. Italy"
B. Schoene / A. Rubin

Cynthia M. Kanno
"A Novel Apatite-Based Sorbent for Defluoridation: Synthesis and Sorption Characteristics of Nano-Micro Crystalline Apatite on Limestone"
S. Myneni / F. Morel

Nathan P. Mathabane
"The Sensitivity of Western US Forest Carbon Budgets to Topography, Climate, and Disturbance Regimes"
D. Medvigy / S. Fueglistaler

Lydia R. Rudnick
"Predicting Potential Geographic Distribution of Siganus Luridus and Siganus Rivulatus, Two Invasive Fish Species In the Mediterranean Sea"
J. Sarmiento / G. Philander

Elizabeth M. Shoenfelt
"The Nature of Reactive Thiols on Bacterial Cell Envelopes And their Reactivity with Aqueous HG2+"
S. Myneni / F. Morel

Emily V. Trost

"High-Stress Conditions in Early Paleocene Benthic Foraminifera: Evidence from NW Atlantic ODP Site 1050C"
G. Keller / J. Higgins

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