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Undergraduate Research Projects

Geosciences Senior Thesis - Class of 2018

William A. Atkinson

The Role of Soil Minerals in Terrestrial Carbon Storage: Linking Field and Laboratory Studies with Complimentary Spectroscopy Methods

Adviser: Satish Myneni

Keo Z. Chan

Nitrogen Isotopic (δ15N) Variation with Fish Length in the Global Ocean: A Potential Indicator for Global Anthropogenic Impact

Adviser: Bess Ward

Maricela Coronado

Underground Hydrocarbon Pipelines in the United States, and Their Relationship to the Concentration of Arsenic in Groundwater

Adviser: Frederik J. Simons

Walker Darling

Ground-truthing Coral as a Proxy: An Examination of the δ15N of Four Coral Species across the Bermuda Pedestal

Adviser: Daniel Sigman

Donald Edward Martocello III

H-Aquil: A Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium for Trace Metal Studies in Vibrios and Other Marine Heterotrophic Bacteria

Adviser: François Morel

Erin McCabe

Mesoscale Processes’ Effects on Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Ocean’s Biological Carbon Pump

Adviser: Laure Resplandy

Shayne P. McKenna

An Analysis of In Situ X-Ray Diffraction of SiO2 Under Shock Compression

Adviser: Thomas Duffy

Joshua Murray

A Deterministic Approach to Geochemical Stratigraphy

Adviser: Blair Schoene

Henry M. Ogilby Jr.

The Role of Encapsulin Nanocompartments in Anaerobic Ammonium

Adviser: Bess Ward

Nicole E. Rinaldi

A Ground-truthing Study of the Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Enamel Bound Organic Matter in Modern Bison Teeth

Adviser: Daniel Sigman

Hannah Tandy

Evaluating Carbon and Climate Sensitivities of the NOAA/GFDL Earth System Model ESM2Mb to Forcing Perturbations During the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Adviser: Gerta Keller

Past Junior Research:

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