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Public lecture: "Combating maternal mortality among the rural poor in Sierra Leone" - Mohamed Bailor Barrie

Mohamed Bailor Barrie, MBChB, is co-founder and executive director of Wellbody Alliance, which works to provide high quality community-based healthcare in Kono District, Sierra Leone. He graduated from Sierra Leone’s only medical school in 2003. Dr. Barrie has worked with UNICEF, the Sierra Leonean Ministry of Health, and has taught pharmacology for the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences in Freetown.  Dr. Barrie comes from a poor rural family and received a highly competitive national scholarship to support his medical education.  This background and experience led him to Wellbody and his mission to improve health care for the poor.

Location: Bowl 2, Robertson Hall (lower level)

Date/Time: 02/24/12 at 4:30 pm - 02/24/12 at 6:00 pm

Category: Lecture

Department: Program in Global Health and Health Policy